Our Mission

Create Cutting-Edge Technology To Modernize The Military's Capabilities

To maintain our reputation as a trustworthy national resource for wireless technology and standards in the defense and national security sectors.

To provide critical research and leading solutions to the many unique global challenges our customers face in difficult environments.

Our Focus

Be a full-service research and development company, and system integrator. We build tactical products and provide solutions that promote modularity, scalability, and interoperability for air, land, and sea platforms.

Signals Intelligence /
Electronic Warfare / Cyber

Modular technology and expert integration that
bring unique capabilities to the tactical edge
across a variety of land, air, and sea platforms.

Tactical Chassis

Modular, scalable, and interoperable portfolio of chassis'
that can be configure to support a variety of mission sets.

Software Defined Radio

Angler SDR aligned with CMOSS/SOSA industry standards to support a
variety of waveforms across the frequency spectrum

Open Architecture

SRT products developed that are aligned with CMOSS/SOSA/VICTORY/MORA
standards to provide solutions that are scalable, modular, and promote

Join Our Team

Join Us In Building A Stronger Future

From an idea, building a prototype to deploying that into the field. SRT allows our team to be leaders in the industry, meet mission needs and see their development come to life. We are a dedicated team striving to make a positive impact and cultivate a creative work environment.